Faithful Support | Asbury United Methodist Church and UMFS


ASBURY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH has been a long-time supporter of UMFS and a valuable partner in empowering kids to learn and grow. When Charterhouse School-Edinburg opened in 2013, Asbury equipped the art room; then helped fund the culinary arts department. This past Christmas, church members raised nearly $2,500 in the December offering, a donation used to equip the school’s library.

Also, Ann Baker, a congregation member, is the chair of UMFS’ Edinburg Child Advocacy Council. “Specific ‘asks’ to serve others, especially the educational needs of ‘the least of these’ gets a positive response from the congregation. This is part of our intent—our acceptance of our responsibility, to transform the world,” says Pastor Steve Hay. “Charterhouse School-Edinburg reaches some of the educational ‘least of these.’ These young people study and grow in a safe and supportive atmosphere when they might be on the streets or home alone if the school didn’t welcome them. That’s worth supporting.”

This story was first published in the Winter 2015 CHAMPION Newsletter. You can view/download this publication on our website.

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