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With the COVID-19 crisis still impacting our region, we need your help now more than ever! Your donation supports the high-risk children at UMFS, and the foster parents, therapists, teachers, and social workers who work around the clock to guide them towards a brighter future.

1. Donate Today – CLICK HERE to make a donation to support the high-risk children and families at UMFS.

2. Amazon Wish List – Purchase an item from our Amazon Wish List, to provide fun games and activities for the children at UMFS. CLICK HERE to start shopping. Due to health and safety concerns, we ask that you ship the items directly to us through Amazon. Please do not drop items off in person during this time.

More Ways to Give

Your Gift Supports…..

Youth in foster care, like Melvin.

When Melvin was 15, his life changed dramatically. He entered foster care. He was referred to UMFS, and got involved in the UMFS Project LIFE program. Project LIFE helps equip teens in foster care with critical life skills so they can be successful when they age out of foster care.

“I’ve grown a lot. I learned that I have a voice.”
– Melvin

Melvin was skeptical at first, but over time he became one of Project LIFE’s most active members. He attended support groups, worked with a volunteer mentor, and took on leadership positions and speaking opportunities. The skills Melvin developed through Project LIFE helped him achieve a major life goal: college. Today, Melvin is proud to be a student at Old Dominion University.

Your financial support can help more youth like Melvin achieve a brighter future.

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Why Donors Support UMFS

“I am so proud of UMFS. They have changed as the needs have changed. UMFS gives hope to so many families who are wondering, ‘What can I do for this child?’”

– Carolyn Wake
Learn more about Carolyn & John Wake


“When you are aware of the impact UMFS makes in the lives of children and families, it’s clear why they are such a good partner. We know that UMFS is in the business of changing lives. We are honored to support their efforts and we appreciate all they do for our hometown and beyond.”

– Mac Stuckey, Former President,
The CarMax Foundation

“It’s exciting to say that we can commit money to something we feel strongly about. My wife and I are honored to give to UMFS because of their redemptive work in the lives of children and families in need. They help kids realize their intrinsic worth and potential and exemplify God’s compassion and heart in redeeming broken families. It is our joy to participate in such a beautiful mission of restoration.”

– Brandon Linton
Learn more about Brandon & Jane Linton


Contact Us

When you make a donation to UMFS, you are investing in the lives of high-risk children and families across Virginia. We deeply appreciate your support. Our development team is ready to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Gary Duncan, Chief Development Officer, 804.254.9663 (office), 804.878.6930 (cell),

Katie Moore, Major Gifts and Campaign Manager, 804.254.9674,

David Grimm, Senior Major and Planned Gifts Officer, 804.254.9662,

Jill Gaynor, Annual Giving Officer, 804.254.9463,

Donations can be mailed to the following address:

Development Office
3900 West Broad St
Richmond, VA 23230

We also offer you the option to DONATE ONLINE.

UMFS is proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity.

More Ways to Give

Gifts of Securities

When you donate appreciated securities to UMFS, you receive several benefits. In addition to the standard tax deduction for making a charitable donation, you may also avoid the capital gains tax.

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Gifts from Your IRA

Once you reach age 72, you must start taking the RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) from your IRA account. Instead of taking the full RMD yourself, you can choose to make a QCD (Qualified Charitable Distribution) to UMFS, which may be tax free.

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Join the UMFS 1900 Society to help high-risk children and their families become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities, now and into the future. You’ll be empowering generations to come.

There are many ways to give, from leaving a bequest to UMFS in your will to gifts from your retirement plan or life insurance.

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Workplace Giving

Employer Matching – Many employers match, double, or even triple gifts or volunteer hours made by their employees. Please check your employer’s plan for details.

State and federal campaign codes:

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign CVC #060701
Combined Federal Campaign CFC #16010
Donor Advised Funds

We welcome grants from your donor advised fund. Our full legal name is United Methodist Family Services of Virginia, EIN#54-0505969. While some funds share your name with us when you make a grant, some do not. We want to thank you for your gift. We therefore encourage you to notify us when you make a grant at or 804.254.9450.


Amazon donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to UMFS.
Log in at and search for UMFS.

Donation Resources

How To Donate To Foster Care (Money, Time & More)

There are many ways you can help support foster children even if you aren’t ready or able to become a foster parent. Click below to learn more.

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Benefits Of Donating Money Every Year

Donating money to charitable causes like UMFS directly benefits the people we serve as well as the donor. Click below to learn more.

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Are Foster Care Donations Tax Deductible?

Your financial contributions help UMFS provide stable, secure, and loving homes for children in foster care. Click below to learn more about tax deductible donations.

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Advantages of Making Donations

When you make a donation to a cause that’s important to you, you gain several advantages. Click below to read more.

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Create a Legacy

The UMFS 1900 Society

As someone who cares about leaving the world a better place than you found it, it’s never too soon to start thinking about your legacy.

When you make a planned gift to UMFS, you join the UMFS 1900 Society. Your gift is an investment in high-risk children and their families, helping them become self-sufficient, contributing members of their communities, now and into the future. You’ll be empowering generations to come.

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The UMFS 1900 Society Planned Giving Options

UMFS offers a range of approaches to create a legacy that will achieve your charitable and financial objectives.


Bequests by Will Gift of Life Insurance Gift of Retirement Plan (IRA, 401(k), etc.)
Your Goal Make a gift to UMFS after your lifetime. Utilize a life insurance policy to make a charitable gift, enabling you to make a larger gift than you might be able to make with other assets. Make a gift to UMFS after your lifetime. For information about making an IRA donation during your lifetime, CLICK HERE.
How It Works Designate UMFS as the beneficiary in your will or living trust, indicating a specific amount, percentage, or a share to UMFS. Please use our full legal name: United Methodist Family Services of Virginia, EIN #54-0505969. Fill out a change of ownership form with your insurance company designating UMFS as the new owner. Please use our full legal name: United Methodist Family Services of Virginia, EIN #54-0505969. Complete a beneficiary designation form that names UMFS as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. Please use our full legal name: United Methodist Family Services of Virginia, EIN #54-0505969.
Benefits Estate tax charitable deduction. Use and ownership of your property and assets while you are alive. Reduced income taxes and estate taxes. Maintain privacy since a life insurance gift is not a matter of public record. You can donate an existing policy or purchase a new policy specifically for charitable use. Estate tax charitable deduction. Use and ownership of your property and assets while you are alive.

Please CONTACT US to join the UMFS 1900 Society, or to talk with us further about your planned giving options.

Please consult your lawyer and financial or tax adviser for complete information on your personal legal, tax, and financial implications and situation.