UMFS Unwavering Champion Aaron Carroll

June 24, 2019

At UMFS, we are unwavering champions for high-risk children and families, collaborating with communities to help them reach their full potential. Each month, we name an employee as Unwavering Champion of the Month for going above and beyond in upholding our agency’s mission and values.

We’re pleased to announce our Unwavering Champion for June, Aaron Carroll, Student Services Manager at UMFS Charterhouse School in Richmond. Aaron is unwavering in his commitment to both the day school and residential students of Charterhouse School. “His positivity is infectious and unrelenting, even in the face of very stressful and emotionally charged days,” said Charterhouse School Principal Kay Currie. “Aaron is a source of support and encouragement for students and staff alike, and he’s always willing to make time for anyone who may need him.”

Sara Barrille, Administrative Services Manager for UMFS’ residential program, had this to say: “Aaron is always positive even when faced with stressful circumstances. Recently, we had a tough week with many escalated residents, and still Aaron remained truly a team player to help our program. He is just awesome, and we appreciate him!”

Aaron is known for finding collaborative ways to make a difference for not only the youth and families served by UMFS, but also for the staff. He maintains a positive attitude in the face of adversity, and his optimism is contagious and motivating.

“He’s making a difference every day,” Sara said.