Encouraging Others to Give – Wisely

March 23, 2016

Nancy Eberhardt has a 10-year connection with UMFS. She first came to us as a supplier of services, serving in a variety of roles and a variety of different strategic projects. Nancy recently made a stock-gift to UMFS, with “the hope of inspiring others to give.”

Nancy explains about her connection to UMFS, “Along the way I was able to understand the kinds of activities UMFS engaged in, the level of sophistication of the leadership and the commitment to moving the needle in the communities UMFS serves—the social impact.” She says these are things to look for when evaluating nonprofits for gifts.

In addition to challenging others to give to UMFS, Nancy also has some advice about donating. “When we give money, we have a responsibility to give it in a place where it can be used well. Do your due diligence around whether the gift can cause new outcomes… a real return on your investment. Make sure it’s a place like UMFS with solid leadership, a great mission and a proven track record of getting things done