Dozens of Volunteers Build a Future for Many

October 28, 2014

In September, a group from Luck Companies volunteered its time for an entire day to help complete UMFS’ Community Garden. Many other volunteer groups have assisted with the overall project throughout the year including Dominion, Convergint and CarMax. Luck Companies has completed the final phase. The Community Garden is a $10,000 gift from the Environmental Stewardship Grant Program of the Dominion Foundation.

Susan Westfall is the horticulture teacher at Charterhouse School and leader of this project. She ended the volunteer day by giving each one a Mother of Thousands succulent plant grown by the students. Susan remarked, with tears in her eyes and heartfelt gratitude for the work completed, “Just like this plant, we all have thousands of people who influence our lives. By your work today, you are impacting the lives of not only our students today, but thousands of students for years to come!”