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We need your help for The Amazing Raise


The Amazing Raise is the Richmond region’s 36-hour online giving challenge that inspires and empowers our community to support Central Virginia nonprofit organizations in an amazing way.  As  we’re writing this blog post, there are exactly  60 days, 15 hours, 55 minutes, and 52…no 51….seconds until The Amazing Raise giving day–and we need your help. 

There are a number of different prizes to shoot for in The Amazing Raise, and we’ve selected two. Since we’re defending champs from last year’s Go Viral! video prize (awarded to the most popular video based on reach), we’re once again aiming for that prize. We are currently working on the concept for this year’s video. We’re also shooting for the Sunset Special prize, which is awarded to the organization that receives the donation made closest to sunset in Richmond, VA at 7:16 pm.* (Source: U.S. Naval Observatory, Astronomical Applications Department).

How can you help? 

We’re competing in the Amazing Raise’s “Go Viral!” video competition. We’re launching the video on Monday, August 11, and we need to get as many likes, shares, comments, views, etc. between the launch date and 12 noon on September 11th. Stay tuned to Facebook and be on the lookout for our video. We need you to share it!

Between now and giving day, we’re focused on recruiting social media ambassadors–people we can count on to share our video and other posts the day of the event. So if you don’t already LIKE us on Facebook, go ahead and do so right here, right now. We hope you’ll also follow us on Twitter.

We need you to encourage your family and friends in your network to follow these channels as well. Here’s how you can do that on Facebook:

1. Go to the page.

2. At the top left, under the title click Suggest to Friends.

3. You will see a page with the pictures and names of several friends.  As you move your arrow over them, some will be grey and others will be darker.  The grey ones already signed up for the AL page (I think).

4. Hold down the control key while you click to select friends.

5. DO NOT hold down the control key as you click next!  You will just end up opening another screen page.

6. Once you have scrolled through all the pages and have you list of friends, you can add a personal message.

7. Click send invitations.