Extreme Recruitment


The UMFS Extreme Recruitment® program moves children out of the foster care system by finding and matching them with safe and appropriate families for permanent guardianship or adoption. The focus is particularly on those children who have been in foster care the longest.


Contact Adalay Wilson at 757.490.9791 x111 or awilson@umfs.org

Successful Reconnection

The priority of our Extreme Recruitment® program is to identify, locate and reconnect the child with relatives and kin. We also investigate former relationships the child may have had, especially those with other foster parents and teachers.

The Extreme Recruitment® methodology is unique because:

  • Each child’s situation is given weekly, comprehensive attention.
  • The entire team for each child meets once a week for 12 to 20 weeks.
  • Each team member is given specific responsibilities and tasks and must report back on their accomplishment every week.
  • We use all methods of recruitment at the same time: general, child specific, diligent, foster parent, and targeted.
  • UMFS is one of two organizations under contract to provide this service.

The intensity of our efforts has been highly successful. All children receiving services to date have had the opportunity to be reconnected with family members.