“Open Table Initiative” to bring together church and government partners to combat poverty

Jon Katov, founder of “The Open Table Initiative,” spoke to a group of our church and government partners last week on our Richmond campus. This national initiative is a model for how government agencies and the faith community can cooperate to combat poverty one person at a time.

“What brings us here together today is something that matters to all of us…loving people,” Katov said.

Open Table trains congregations and their members, through the Open Table Model, to form communities–called tables–that transform their vocational and life experiences into tools that people in poverty can use to develop and implement plans that create change.

As a part of our High-Fidelity Wraparound Services, we’ll be collaborating with our church and government partners to implement the Open Table Model in communities across Virginia.

More information about the Open Table Initiative is available on the web.

Questions? Contact Rachelle Butler, 804.353.4461 x1404.