More children in VA living in poverty now than at the lowest point of recession


On Tuesday, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released its annual KIDS COUNT report. According to the survey, about 40,000 more Virginia children are living below the federal poverty line today than at the lowest ebb of the Great Recession.

“The rising tide of the economic recovery did not lift all boats,” says Ted Groves, KIDS COUNT director with Voices for Virginia’s Children. In fact, he further points out that economic recovery “left thousands of Virginians essentially shipwrecked. So for the first time in years, the overall well-being of Virginia’s children has worsened.”


The report also highlighted that one in six children in Virginia lives in poverty and that the state’s overall ranking has fallen from 11th to 14th in how well children are doing.

Also of note was the percentage of children living in households that were food insecure at some point during the year–in 2012  252,000 children–or 14% of kids–lived in homes where there was an uncertainty of having, or an inability to acquire, enough food for all household members because of insufficient money or other resources.

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