The First 30 Days in Treatment Foster Care: It Takes a Village

Imagine being uprooted from your family and friends, school, and community and being placed in a new home with people you’ve never met. You are scared, confused and grieving the life you left behind, and yet, you still have to go to school tomorrow. For the thousands of Virginia kids in foster care this is their reality.

The first 30 days of a foster care placement are often an emotional roller coaster that can be a difficult time for the child and foster parents.  At UMFS, we have a team of champions who go above and beyond to provide support and resources during this crucial time.  We welcome YOU to be a part of this team to help change the lives of this new family for the better.  

On May 7th, UMFS will celebrate Foster Care Awareness Giving Day to raise critical resources for these families and the UMFS community.

Within 24 hours or less of foster families learning of a potential placement, the child is in their home.  They immediately embark on a whirlwind of responsibilities: registering the child for school, transporting them to numerous appointments for their physical and emotional health, and above all reminding them that they are worthy of love and support.

By supporting UMFS, you are involved in helping a child to succeed from day one.

We know the importance of the small details that make a big difference during this time. Our foster parents prepare the child’s favorite meal, introduce them to the extended family, and make sure they feel welcome in their new home.

Your donation will provide crucial resources to support the family on this journey:

  • Connecting families with qualified staff members: social workers, therapists, physicians, teachers, and more
  • Ensuring staff and parents have ample, world-class training to support children in crisis
  • Purchasing brand new items that will help the child feel safe and loved: bedding, furniture, toys, nutrition, equipment, and more

Uplifting children and families with the resources they need as they navigate the first 30 days increases the chances of a smooth transition for the child and family. Together, we create an environment where the child feels safe and supported and that they belong – a feeling some experience for the first time in their young lives.

Your donation will prove to these children and families that they have a village supporting them. 

UMFS knows how to be a steadfast advocate for children and families during this critical period, but we can’t do it without your generosity.

Your donation makes a tangible difference in a child’s life, and provides necessary support, for example:

$25 will provide a “First Night Home Kit” that includes games and comfort items for a child and family

$50 will provide a child’s favorite meal so families can sit around their table and begin to build relationships

$100 will provide a birthday cake, decorations, and gifts for a family to a child celebrate together

$250 will provide bedding, toys, and décor tailored to a child’s interests to help them feel at home in their new bedroom

$500 will provide necessary therapeutic services and caring staff  to help a child reach their goals

Please consider joining our celebration of Foster Care Awareness on our May 7th Giving Day. Your generosity today will help children in foster care have a better tomorrow. By taking action today, you can be a part of the transformational change for a child in need from day one. Together, we can help them navigate a path towards a very bright future.