Foster to Adopt in Virginia

What is the Process of Adoption from Foster Care in VA?

There are currently 5,000 children and teens in the foster care system in the state of Virginia. Of these children and youth, 1,700 have the goal of adoption, and more than 700 of are waiting for adoptive families. All are waiting for the love and security that only a permanent home can provide.

UMFS believes that there is no better way to make an impact and expand your family than by adopting from foster care.

Foster to Adoption in Virginia

Children enter foster care through no fault of their own when the need for care and protection has come to the attention of a child welfare agency. Once in foster care, children are in the temporary custody of the state. Typically, children in foster care are awaiting one of three outcomes:

  • Reunification birth parents
  • Transfer of custody to a family member or family friend
  • Adoption

Children in foster care have experienced some sort of abuse and neglect and it is important for people interested in adopting children from foster care to undergo specialized training to understand the impact of such experiences and learn ways to help their foster child heal, grow and flourish.

With UMFS’ treatment foster care and adoption services, children and teens in the foster care system have opportunities to find their forever home. If you are interested in beginning the process to adopt a child from foster care, UMFS is here to help.

Adopting From Foster Care in VA

Fostering while being open to adoption is a wonderful way to begin sharing your love with a child or teen. Since a child has to live in your home six months before an adoption can be finalized, becoming a foster parent enables you to begin the process sooner.

Many families hoping to add a child or teen to their family often foster first with the desire to adopt. Adoption is not an option unless the birth parents rights are terminated.

The goals for children in foster care are always reunification with birth parents or relatives first, so there is always the chance that your journey’s destination may not end with you legally adopting that child.

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Directly Adopting from Foster Care

Adopting a child in foster care whose parental rights have been terminated is another available option. In most cases, the children who are available for adoption in the system are older and are legally ready to adopt. As we mentioned earlier, more than 700 children are currently waiting for adoptive families.

UMFS offers services through partnerships with various adoption agencies in Virginia. Our team consists of adoption social workers, therapists and adoptive parent liaisons that empower you with all the tools you need to succeed at being adoptive parents to a child from foster care.

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