Foster Care Loudoun County, VA

Our UMFS mission extends beyond our headquarters in Richmond, VA and up to to Loudoun County, VA and its surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on helping empower at risk teens and children through our treatment foster care, adoption services, Family Care and Independent Living programs.

Services In Loudoun County

The services UMFS offers the Northern Virginia area look to empower high-risk children and enable them to reach their full potential with the help of our treatment programs including:

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Our Nearest UMFS Office to Loudoun, VA

Northern Virginia Campus
35400 Shawnee Road, Suite 303
Alexandria, VA 22312
Phone: (703) 941-9800
Fax: (703) 970-0621
Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm* Sat & Sun: CLOSED

Our Northern Virginia campus, located a few minutes from the beltway in Alexandria, serves the whole of Northern Virginia including:

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Fairfax
  • and their surrounding communities.

More About Our Services

Treatment Foster Care
As opposed to simply “Foster Care” children in treatment foster care have experienced multiple moves or have emotional trauma. This is where UMFS shines in our ability to pair a child with the right family and parents and also offer parents 24/7 on call support, local support groups, and individual strategies for each child in foster care. The choice to become a foster parent is one of the most fulfilling and impactful decisions you can make to improve the lives of foster children and teens.

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Adoption Services
UMFS offers a helping hand in entire adoption process and ensures that children and young adults are placed in families with the utmost care and support. During the adoption process we strive to healthy attachments between parents and children and offer support services like parenting classes and workshops, support groups for adoption, and adoption counseling.

Intensive Care
Our intensive care program is highly individualized and works to support children up to age 21 who are currently in or at risk of being in, an out-of-home placement. A single integrated Plan of Care is written by UMFS and implemented with monthly meetings and regular check ins to help families feel comfortable and children to empowered.

Family Support Partners
UMFS is proud to be the only provider in Eastern Virginia of Family Support Partners, a program aimed to assist families struggling with children who have mental or emotional challenges. Family support partners provide emotional support, advocacy, and education to families struggling to access available services and express their voice and choice.

Therapeutic Mentoring
For at risk children who need extra support UMFS provides therapeutic mentors to support, train, and coach kids ages 8-21. Our experience gives opportunities for success to children and young adults who have emotional or behavioral challenges.

Becoming a foster parent in Loudoun County, VA!

With over 5,000 children in foster care in Virginia, we always need foster parents. In order to become a licensed foster parent in Virginia, there are various qualifications and requirements to start the process. Click below to learn more about the process, training, support, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Foster Care

Who are the children that I would foster? The children in foster care represent all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. They are frequently part of a sibling group or teens.

What happens when the child is unable to return home? When a child is unable to return home, a plan is developed to provide permanency for him.

Can I adopt a child through the foster system? Yes, in Virginia, 60% of foster youth are adopted by their foster parents.

I’m single. Am I able to be a foster parent? Yes, more than 100,000 single persons across the nation are foster parents.

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See What Others Say About Working with UMFS

“I love the support and resources that UMFS Farmville/Lynchburg area provides for my kids. My workers are great and they care about the kids they serve. So glad I picked this agency!”

★★★★★ – Jane Allison Thomas

“The staff, volunteers, and supporters of UMFS are truly unwavering champions for high-risk children and families! Most of the kids served by UMFS would not make it in the world without the support of these superheros!!”

★★★★★ – Angie Seckler-Williams

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