Equine therapy brings adoptive families together

Sunday, July 26th Diana Kemper, adoptive parent liaison for UMFS adoptive family preservation program (AFP) in Charlottesville hosted an equine therapy event at Kemper Knoll Farm in McGaheysville, VA for adoptive families who live in the Charlottesville and Harrisonburg area. This was a great opportunity for adoptive families to network with one another and a chance for adults and kids to bond with the horses. Families were able to groom horses, ride the horses and ride in carts pulled by the horses. There was a strong turn out with about seven families in attendance. Those who participated felt supported by the event and couldn’t stop talking about how much of a great time they had and how they wanted to do this again. Thanks to UMFS AFP staff who supported the event including Rosemary Liberti, Denise Purgold, and Michael Staton. This was a great opportunity to help adoptive families soar and we can’t wait for another opportunity to lace up our riding boots!

Here are some quotes from participant families:


“It was so therapeutic, a very exciting day out”.

“We went on a one day vacation, we wish it could’ve lasted all night”.

“Nobody was on their cell phone messaging others, we were in the present”.

The above quotes are from Janice Horton, adoptive mother


“My day was awesome!”

“I was very happy to ride Frost.”

The above two quotes are from Isaiah Bell, adoptive child


“It was such a friendly, inviting environment.”

The above quote is from Catherine Bell, adoptive mother.