#CreateJoyRVA…by supporting foster children’s greatest needs

If you’re reading this, odds are that you stumbled across it in between reports in your Facebook or Twitter feed about some pretty scary things happening in the world. Let’s be honest–there’s a lot going on that’s frightening. But during this holiday season we hope that instead of responding with fear, that you’ll help to create joy. Our friends over at Create Digital and have started a campaign designed to help people spread joy this holiday season called #CreateJoyRVA. The idea is simple:

  • Create joy with an act of kindness
  • Share your act with #CreateJoyRVA
  • Feel the joy from your good deed!

We’d love it if you chose to #CreateJoyRVA by supporting our foster kids’ greatest needs. You can do so right now by giving to our Christmas Gifts of Hope Catalog that’s listed on their blog here and also on our website here. Once you give, post to your Facebook wall or twitter feed that you’ve supported UMFS by donating to one or more items in our gift catalog. Be sure to use the hashtag #CreateJoyRVA to spread the good news and encourage others to create joy!