Unwavering Champion of the Month Danielle Pitchford

December 30, 2019

At UMFS, we are unwavering champions for children, teens and families, collaborating with communities to help them reach their full potential. Each month, we name an employee as Unwavering Champion of the Month for going above and beyond in upholding our agency’s mission and values.

We’re delighted to announce Danielle Pitchford as our Unwavering Champion for December. Danielle is an Intensive Care Coordinator (ICC), which means she supports families by helping them coordinate and navigate a variety of much-needed services.

“Danielle began her career as an intern at UMFS,” said Tory Everson-Roots, Danielle’s supervisor. “Since becoming a full-time team member, Danielle continues to bring a great level of excitement and energy into the work that she does every day.”

Danielle regularly goes above and beyond to find creative ways to engage the families she serves. Prior to one of her family meetings, Danielle learned that the child was a huge football fan. “So she went to the meeting dressed up as a football player — jersey, face paint, helmet and all!” Tory said.

Creativity and passion allow Danielle to build tremendous supports for our youth and families.

Danielle has a smile that lights up the entire office and she always maintains a positive attitude no matter what is going on or challenges she may face. “Danielle is a quiet force who adds positivity and morale to our team,” Tory said.