UMFS Unwavering Champion Danielle Scott

February 23, 2018

Each month, UMFS recognizes one of our employees as the Unwavering Champion of the Month. This award celebrates the UMFS mission and how our employees bring that mission to life. Our mission: UMFS is an unwavering champion for high-risk children and families, collaborating with communities to help them reach their full potential.

Our Unwavering Champion for February is Danielle Scott, Student Support Coach at UMFS Charterhouse School in Edinburg. While Danielle’s role as a Student Support Coach includes providing behavioral support and assisting with school work, her relationship with children and staff goes far above and beyond.

She always greets coworkers and students with enthusiasm, said Sandra Alger-Ortts, Nurse at CHS Edinburg. “She’s a positive influence on many.”

Danielle’s patience and compassion is unmistakable. When students need help focusing, for example, she is a calming presence. Her training as a Student Support Coach allows her to provide a safe and centered environment so that students can maximize their potential.

“The children can’t wait for their turn to sit down at Danielle’s desk to do their work,” Sandra said. And the fondness students have for her is evident in the way they flock to her.

Danielle is proactive and seeks opportunities to better assist her colleagues and students. She obtained her Medication Administration Certificate and now helps administer medications. Danielle is lauded for collaborative efforts such as these, and also for bringing a positive attitude and bright smile to work each day. And she’s been doing so since she began at CHS Edinburg in March of 2015.

Said Regan Laughlin, Administrative Services Manager: “Danielle celebrates even the smallest successes.”