UMFS Unwavering Champion Tara Pappas

December 4, 2018

At UMFS, we are unwavering champions for high-risk children and families, collaborating with communities to help them reach their full potential. Each month, we recognize an employee as Unwavering Champion of the Month for going above and beyond in upholding our agency’s mission and values.

We’re pleased to announce our Unwavering Champion for November, Tara Pappas. Tara is the Utilization Manager at UMFS, which means much of the hard work she puts in — and she puts in a lot! — occurs behind the scenes. “Tara is vital to UMFS and instrumental in many key components that allow us to have a compliant and stable agency,” said Marie Thomas, Program Director at UMFS’ Leland House in Centreville.

“She has been a consistent and supportive resource regarding everything privacy and confidentiality related,” Marie continued. “Tara is a huge asset to UMFS and Leland House, and she makes herself readily available for any policy questions that may arise on a day-to-day basis.”

Tara isn’t just an unwavering champion for high-risk youth, she’s relentless in her pursuit of solutions. Marie said Tara is constantly researching regulations and working to assure standards are upheld. She noted, specifically, the tireless effort Tara puts into preparing UMFS for audits and accreditation.

“Tara has been a true joy to work with through many projects and initiatives,” Marie said. “She’s always kind and timely with her responses, and I am grateful for all she does to support UMFS.”