UMFS Unwavering Champion Cristy Corbin

July 27, 2017

Each month UMFS recognizes one of our employees as the Unwavering Champion of the Month. This award celebrates the UMFS mission and how our employees live it out every day. Our mission: UMFS is an unwavering champion for high-risk children and families, collaborating with communities to help them reach their full potential.

Our Unwavering Champion for July is Cristy Corbin, Family Support Partner Supervisor. Family Support Partners is a unique program that recruits parents who have navigated the mental and behavioral health system for their own children, and are now ready to give back. Family Support Partners provide peer support, using their own experiences to help others. They provide understanding, instill hope, empower families and help reduce the stigma.

Cristy was hired as the first Family Support Partner at UMFS in 2014. She was later promoted to Supervisor, providing guidance and leadership to the team. As her manager Rachelle Butler shared, “Cristy passionately advocates for family voice and choice, and has a beautiful ability to sit with others while they are in pain, helping them navigate to the other side of their feelings. She leads her team with grace, always striving to change the system to better the community.”

Thank you Cristy Corbin for being an unwavering champion for high-risk children and families!

UMFS is currently expanding our Family Support Partner team in the Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Tidewater offices. Click here to learn more.