UMFS Unwavering Champion Brittany Stratton

October 27, 2017

Each month, UMFS recognizes one of our employees as the Unwavering Champion of the Month. This award celebrates the UMFS mission and how our employees bring that mission to life. Our mission: UMFS is an unwavering champion for high-risk children and families, collaborating with communities to help them reach their full potential.

Our Unwavering Champion for September is Brittany Stratton. Brittany is an Intensive Care Coordinator (ICC) at Leland House in Centreville who has dedicated her professional career at UMFS to tirelessly advocating for her clients, families, and coworkers.

ICC’s work with children with behavioral, emotional or mental health needs who are in or at risk of being put into out-of-home care. Brittany relentlessly pursues solutions as she works with youth and families to improve their quality of life.

“Even during stressful situations, Brittany never cracks or lacks a smile,” said ICC Victoria Dansereau. “She’s a support to every single person at UMFS and always serves the best interest of the youth.” Northern Virginia Regional Director Laura Giunta praised Brittany’s leadership, calling her an “incredibly positive” team member who’s been instrumental in helping train new Leland House ICC staff.

“I love the team at UMFS,” Brittany said. “And I love learning from the people I work with.”

In addition to being an enthusiastic and skilled clinician, Brittany donates and dedicates time in the community by mentoring teens in her church youth group.