UMFS alumni serves God and country

November 11, 2015


The following is an excerpt from a letter written by Ray Coffelt. Ray grew up at “the Methodist home” in the 1940’s– the place that is now our Richmond campus at 3900 West Broad Street.

I hope this finds you all in the best of shape. They are getting me set for the big thing. As for the training we’re getting, they don’t leave out a thing. And you can bet, when I leave here, that I’ll know what I’m doing, because the Marine Corps does a pretty thorough job of getting a man ready for combat. 

Like thousands of other guys, I’m going to go and fight in this crazy war. Do any of you know just why I am going to fight? I am going over there to fight for you! I am going to fight so that you guys, and others like you, may continue to go to school and get a good education. And also so that you can keep on going to your own churches. I am going to fight so that you can spend every summer, every Christmas and all the other holidays with your friends and families. I am going to help keep the enemy away from our country so that you may keep having all of these privileges. You fellows have a good home out there and you are my family, I know because I am one of “the boys” too. I was given a chance there too. The home is a wonderful place. It has been my home ever since I was a kid and it still is. I love the place and you should too. If you do not realize it now, you will once you have left it. Right now the home is giving you a chance to make men out of yourselves and I am going to fight so you will have that chance. 

Take care of yourselves and may God bless every one of you. 

Your buddy, 

Ray Coffelt

August 11, 1951 Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California
taken from The Guardian for April 1952