Senior Nolan is Soaring at VAMAC

June 11, 2018

Nolan humbly posed for a picture after giving me a tour of VAMAC, a plumbing supply business where he’s wrapping up a three-month internship. Nolan is a senior at UMFS Charterhouse School in Richmond, and once he graduates on June 15 will begin a paid part-time position with VAMAC.

“Kind, funny, and smart” is how Ryan Helquist, Warehouse Manager, describes Nolan. Nolan is always so excited to go to work, partially due to the scan gun he gets to use, which helps workers find their way around the area. It also helps them mark off items for their order list. When Nolan operates the scan gun, the device plays Superman’s theme song. When Nolan scans something incorrectly, the scan gun plays Darth Vader’s theme. 

VAMAC’s facility has three buildings, one of which is the annex. This is where mainly all of the larger things are stockpiled. Nolan sometimes may go through the annex and use his handy-dandy scan gun to find and mark the grander articles.

I can personally tell you that Nolan has so many positive characteristics and more, but what’s the fun in that? Take it from his supervisor, Ryan, who has nothing but good things to say about Nolan. “I have no complaints,” Ryan said smiling.
If you still have no idea as to what VAMAC is all about, just ask Nolan. Ryan has taught Nolan the business, and the soon-to-be Charterhouse School graduate knows a lot.

Between Ryan and Nolan, they can tell you that VAMAC was founded in 1915 and has grown largely from a single-well drilling servicer and supply business to a 19-location plumbing, well, and septic general company with distribution across the Mid-Atlantic. VAMAC’s core values are family, integrity, exceptional service, and shared prosperity.

And as for Nolan’s role with the VAMAC? Well, he fits right in.


About the author: This article was written and the photos were taken by Hannah, a student at UMFS Charterhouse School in Richmond. Hannah completed this project as part of an internship with UMFS Marketing & Development. Like Nolan, Hannah also will graduate on June 15.