Personal as it is Professional: Sara Barrille

February 16, 2018

UMFS employees are committed to improving the lives of high-risk children and families. They are unwavering champions who relentlessly pursues solutions, and their selfless dedication often extends into their personal lives. “Personal as it is Professional” is an ongoing employee-spotlight series that highlights some of the amazing things that are happening at and around UMFS. We’re already inspired by our employees, and now we’d like to share their stories so that they may inspire others.

Sara Barrille, Administrative Services Manager, has been with UMFS since February 2014.

What her coworkers say: “Sara’s positive attitude is absolutely contagious. Her energy and passion to make an impact spans beyond her job role. She is consistently a coworker that I see participating in events and initiatives well outside of her daily job duties.” – Katie Moore, Major Gifts and Campaign Manager

How did you come to know UMFS, and why did you pursue a job with this agency?

I loved our mission and couldn’t wait to become an unwavering champion myself! I just had to start somewhere at UMFS, because no matter what position you hold here it still makes an impact for our youth and families. Whether you are in the background or direct care, you have the opportunity to make things happen and make a difference. It felt like home from day one! As soon as I pull up on campus every morning, I am surrounded with like-minded, passionate individuals. That’s a great way to start each day!

What motivated you to enter the social services and non-profit arena? Is there a personal connection, or is it simply that UMFS is a cause that speaks to you?

Our core values speak to me! We relentlessly pursue solutions. Our collaboration does multiply impact. Relationships are our building blocks. Passion unleashes greatness, and we start with strengths always. These are the values that drive me!

What impact has UMFS had on you both personally and professionally, and how does the agency differ from other employers you’ve had?

UMFS is unlike anywhere I have had the opportunity to work. This organization truly is where I can make my passion unleash greatness. We have so many opportunities for growth. My role has allowed me to wear many creative and fun hats, from helping to coordinate mentors and volunteers — who are kindhearted people that I love getting the opportunity to collaborate with — to renovating an entire space for the residents, to volunteering on campus on my lunch breaks, to all of my other responsibilities as an Administrative Service Manager. Not to mention the incredible youth and people I work with.

What aspects of your personal life reflect the work you do at UMFS? Are you involved outside office hours? A volunteer? Donor? Adoptive or foster parent?

I started volunteering immediately after I was hired in February of 2014. I was so moved by our mission, and simply put, I just wanted to do more! I have been tutoring now for four years with the Courage to Succeed program, and I meet the most incredible students. This passion has also spiraled into volunteering with other organizations that I have been introduced to because of UMFS. I now facilitate youth groups at Side by Side, an organization dedicated to creating supportive communities for LGBTQ+ youth.

How do you balance personal and professional interests when they are so closely aligned?

It’s my passion! There is a quote which I truly believe in: “The happiest people I know are those that lose themselves in the service of others.” – Gordon B. Hinkley

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of high-risk children and families? Visit the UMFS Careers page to see how you can become an unwavering champion like Sara!