Graduates Take a Well-Deserved Walk

June 14, 2019

We’re pleased to announce the 2019 UMFS Charterhouse School Mustangs graduating class.

Join us in congratulating Christian, Justin, Matthew, and Samuel, who all walked the stage in Edinburg, and Lexi, Joey, Kaitlyn, Ryan, and Luan, who all turned tassels in Richmond.

Rev. Elfie Finn-McKenzie delivered the keynote speech in Edinburg and was recognized by staff and students with the school’s Circle of Courage award. In Richmond, Charterhouse School alumnus John Haddaway gave the keynote speech.

“After today, no one is being paid to put up with you,” John joked, which elicited laughter from the families, friends, faculty, and staff in attendance.

John then turned to a more serious note. “Happiness,” he told the graduates, “can sometimes be hard to find. But go out into the world and seek it out.”