Developing the Human Spirit

August 22, 2018

“Don’t hide your light under a bushel,” Bill Lynch said with a smile as he recalled one of his earliest contributions to UMFS from the early 2000s. It was then when he recommended to CEO and President Greg Peters that the agency construct its Charterhouse School toward the front of the Richmond campus, as opposed to the rear of the property.

In addition to an excellent piece of development advice, Bill and his wife, Molly, have generously supported UMFS through the years. Bill is a real estate developer in Northern Virginia. He was recruited to the UMFS Guardian Foundation by Skip Coston, a fellow developer and UMFS supporter. Bill later served as president. Guardian Foundation helped raise funds for the construction of Charterhouse School, which was, indeed, built at the front of UMFS’ campus in 2003.

Bill couldn’t help but chuckle looking back on his recommendation. “Greg seemed to think I was a genius for a making a simple observation with fresh eyes,” he said. “But sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees.”

From his I-95 Business Parks Management offices in Lorton, just off Route 1 and not far from the banks of the Occoquan River, Bill and Molly spoke of their love of family, food, entertaining, and philanthropy.

“UMFS is an organization where unsung heroes do important work out of a sense of service and not in search of recognition,” Bill said. He noted that his late father’s involvement with the agency made serving on the Guardian Foundation a “natural fit.”

Molly complimented the holistic-healing approach. “That’s what I like about UMFS,” she said. “It’s really about mentoring kids into a full life. I think that’s really powerful.”

When reflecting on their successes and 42 years of marriage, the college sweethearts remain appreciative, grounded, and humble. Their sincere hope is that through their own good fortune they may serve others.

“You really don’t know what another person’s life is like unless you walk a mile in their shoes,” Bill said. “The work of this organization is about healing and developing the human spirit in our young people.”

“It’s not about the end of the journey,” added Molly. “It’s about the journey itself. It’s about improving lives, and sometimes that takes a real helping hand and a compassionate heart.”

Support from donors like Bill and Molly Lynch makes a difference in the lives of high-risk children. Join us as we work to provide kids with the support and resources they need to become resilient adults.