CSS Kyna Johnson is Helping Children Succeed

November 14, 2017

The work Kyna Johnson does is critical to the success of a child.

As a UMFS Clinical Support Specialist, Kyna provides in-home counseling to children in foster care. She lends a hand with any number of tasks, from schoolwork to connecting the foster family to resources. She spends as many as seven hours per week per case, and the number of weeks she spends depends on the needs of the child.

Sessions take careful planning, so Kyna typically maps out her visit a few days in advance. She begins by reaching out to the foster family to schedule the visitation time and speaks with them in advance about behavioral issues, independent living skills and goals.

Kyna then plans out activities for the visit. She selects one goal from the foster parents and two goals from the child’s Clinical Support Specialist Treatment Plan. Each activity is tailored to the child’s needs, favorite activities and skill level.

Activities are designed to promote participation and often involve color, movement or a change of location within the community. Relationship building activities also are incorporated. Kyna always has an additional activity planned in case she has extra time at the end of session.

On the day of the visit, Kyna speaks with the child about their friends, foster parents, or anything that might be on their mind or in their heart. She then begins the planned activities.

Kyna gathers feedback from the child to help plan for future sessions. At the conclusion of the session, she shares a positive affirmation and then passes along updates to the foster parents.

Kyna then prepares a progress report, submits to her supervisor for review and begins planning the next session.

UMFS is currently seeking several PRN Clinical Support Specialists in the South Hill, Farmville, and Lynchburg areas. To learn more and to submit an application, click here.