Cosmetology Students Combine History Lesson with Hands-On Experience

March 18, 2022

What happens when students combine an appreciation of Black History with a passion for pampering? Great things, that’s what!

In February, students in Ms. Thompson’s cosmetology class at Charterhouse School in Richmond honored Black History Month through a project they titled “Black HAIRstory.” Students studied African American culture and the significance of hair. The students then put their learnings on display by creating beautiful hairstyles.
“Students used the information they learned about how African Americans — in spite of being faced with challenges — were resilient and resourceful in how they protected their crowns,” Ms. Thompson said. “Students learned that African Americans took pride in their appearance but had to overcome the harsh conditions of slave ships and cotton fields. Students also learned how resourceful African Americans were, and how they’d use anything they could get their hands on to help manage their hair.”
Ms. Thompson said she was proud of how her students responded the “Black HAIRstory” project and impressed by the hairstyles they created. “They were up for the challenge to bring their creative ideas to life,” she said. “And they learned that Black hair is not just an accessory; it represents ancestry.”