Celebrating Nancy Toscano, Ph.D., LCSW, the Next UMFS President & CEO

October 16, 2020

Nancy Toscano is a solutions-finder, a thought leader, and a visionary. She’s devoted the last 25 years not only to helping children, teens, and families find ways forward during difficult times, but also to her own continued learning and the professional growth of herself and others.

A graduate of VA-LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) from the Medical College of Virginia and the Alliance’s Executive Leadership Institute, Nancy actively seeks out ways to supplement her already inherent abilities so that she can maximize the potential of those around her.

“Nancy’s incredible at figuring out people’s gifts,” said Lindsey Layne, UMFS Associate Vice President of Strategy & Innovation. “She’s very good with maximizing people’s strengths to unleash the passion of those she’s leading.”

If you’d like to submit questions or well wishes for Nancy, you may click here: http://ow.ly/YOY550BRpvO

Nancy joined UMFS in 2007 and was named Chief Operating Officer in 2018. She’s been engaged for the duration in an ongoing quest to achieve the best possible outcomes for youth and families. Therefore, she always considers ways to improve upon existing operational and programmatic efficiencies and views shortcomings not as failures but rather as opportunities to grow.

Lindsey lauded Nancy’s ambition and confident leadership, calling them invaluable attributes that will serve UMFS well as it continues to meet the changing needs of families. “She’s focused on belonging and inclusivity,” Lindsey said. “And she’s focused on family, no matter how that’s defined.”

Lindsey also cited the coaching Nancy received from current UMFS President & CEO Greg Peters, LCSW, calling it indicative of “relationships are our building blocks,” which is one of UMFS’ core values. “Greg’s done a phenomenal job of preparing Nancy,” Lindsey said. “Nancy’s had opportunities to try things on to learn the ropes, and she’s open to new adaptations and approaches to lead UMFS in its next chapter.”

* * *

Nancy Toscano earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from Siena College and her master’s in social work from New York University. She has a Ph.D. in public policy and administration with a concentration in nonprofit leadership from Virginia Commonwealth University. Nancy was chair of Richmond City’s Community, Planning and Management Team and facilitated its strategic planning process. She serves on the Child Abuse and Neglect Advisory Committee, has appointments to the boards of Virginia Coalition of Private Providers and the United Methodist Association (UMA), and she played a key leadership role in Virginia’s implementation of the Family First Preservation Services Act. Nancy’s worked with youth and families in California, New York City, and England and is a founding member of the IMPIAN School for Autism in Malaysia.

We invite you to save the date for Nov. 11 from 5-6 p.m. for a Facebook Live event with Nancy and current UMFS President & CEO Greg Peters, LCSW.