Betty Forbes, UMFS Board Member, Donor and Volunteer

April 26, 2016

betty forbes

How did you first get connected with UMFS?

I got involved with UMFS when Gary Duncan was hired as vice president of marketing and development. I knew about UMFS, but not about all of the inner workings and everything they did until he came aboard. I had worked with him in the past, so he got me in fast and indoctrinated me in the work that UMFS does. When Greg Peters asked me to be on the board, I quickly said yes, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

What role do you play on the board?

I serve as chair of the resource development committee. We work together to educate the public about the services and programs that UMFS provides and encourage them to donate to support the work we are doing.

What would you say to someone who might be thinking of supporting UMFS?

I would say from my view that UMFS is an organization that truly understands the needs of children, youth and families who are left behind. I tell people all the time that this is an organization that has a can-do attitude—they don’t give up on children and families when it’s difficult. If they can’t offer a program or service, they go out into the community and find a partner who can. I’d also want them to know that when I give my money, I know it’s going to be well spent by people I trust who are as committed to children and youth as I am. They will use it to give help to children and families in need and they are not going to turn people away.

How else are you involved with UMFS?

When I first got connected to UMFS, I came over (to the Richmond campus) on a volunteer day. I spent my day in the flower beds pulling grass as my husband and son trimmed shrubs. It was a family affair.

What else do you want people to know about UMFS?

UMFS operates in a Christian spirit and we are very proud of our Methodist roots. We celebrate our history with the church and continue to build on our relationship with it. We are very appreciative of our continuing support from members of Methodist churches across Virginia.