Alex Excelling in Project LIFE

January 3, 2018

Meet Alex. Alex has been in foster care for three years. He recently participated in the Project LIFE Fall 2017 Statewide Conference and was recognized by his peers for many awards, including being selected as the December Youth Spotlight.

In addition to his achievements at the recent conference, he is most proud of growing up in a positive environment and developing characteristics of a respectful man, his academic achievement in maintaining honor roll, and getting along with his peers. He also enjoys being an older brother and setting an example for his siblings.

In Alex’s spare time, he enjoys dancing, singing, and hanging out with his friends and family. He also finds it to be beneficial to attend the youth conferences, which he says help him gain and learn from new experiences. At the conferences, Alex enjoys meeting new people and interacting with staff to strengthen his skills in preparation for independent living.

Alex has been involved with Project LIFE (Living Independently, Focusing on Empowerment) for one year. He attends various youth events and participates with Youth MOVE. One word that he feels best describes Project LIFE is “amazing!”

One piece of advice Alex has for other youth in foster care, is “find your voice, no matter what, you got to stand up and be heard. You can’t let other people think that you don’t have an opportunity to speak.”

Alex exemplifies charisma, charm, and leadership, and we are so proud of him. Continue to shine your light on others, Superstar Alex!

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