Seeking Local Artists

You are invited to participate in UMFS’s Request for Proposal (RFP) to concept, create, and/or collaborate on nine unique art pieces that will be displayed in our new residential treatment center at 3900 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA. See details below.

Scope of Work

Please download this RFP for the full scope of work and submission criteria.

Introduction: UMFS is a 120-year-old organization that strives to build stronger communities and families.  To continue evolving in a way that meets the growing needs of the children and families it serves, the organization is building a new residential treatment center (the Child & Family Healing Center) on its 33-acre property in Richmond, VA to improve and expand the existing facilities. The Child & Family Healing Center provides 24-hour treatment for youth ages 11-17. Our broad-based, collaborative team brings together experts in psychiatry, social work, nursing, special education, verbal and non-verbal therapies and counseling to prepare young people for a brighter future, as part of a family and as part of a community.  

The Project: UMFS is seeking an artist(s) to concept, create, and install nine unique art pieces (each 54” W x 48” H  in size) in our new residential treatment center at 3900 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA. These art pieces should be completed as three sets of three (see detail on following page).

The Vision: The new building will provide a safe space for our youth to heal during their stay with us (average stay is 6-12 months). We believe that physical space is a contributing factor to the success of one’s healing and have intentionally designed indoor and outdoor spaces that are warm and inviting to our youth, their families, and staff.

Our vision for this project is that these pieces of art will reflect our agency’s core values and contribute to the environment by bringing a sense of calm, joy, and hope to those that will pass by them each day.

 The style of artwork and concept is entirely up for interpretation by the artist based upon how they are inspired by the mission and work of UMFS. It is important that these art works serve as story-telling pieces.

Next Steps

Please download the full RFP to view all submission details before sending a proposal. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Makenna Tucker at