Getting Ahead Classes Help Participants Climb Out of Poverty

“I was fed up with doing the same things and getting the same results,” said Brenda Moss, a participant in UMFS’ new 15-week-long and 45-hour community-based initiative called “Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting By World.” Following the death of her son, Moss decided it was time to make some life-changing decisions and saw “Getting Ahead” as a path forward. Before taking the course, she worked a dead-end job she described as “disappointing and frustrating.” ‘Getting Ahead” helped Brenda start up as an entrepreneur with a T-shirt business and a lunch and dinner service. Brenda said that through the program she learned “that I can,” and that “failure is not an option.”

According to “Getting Ahead” facilitator and UMFS community liaison Jamesia Harrison, “{the program is designed for individuals who are ready to see change and ready to do the work. It’s not just come in and sit down, have someone teach you. They do the work, they investigate, they do the research,” she added.

This Lynchburg-based program started its second class on June 1. You can watch a video about the program and its impact above. Learn more about UMFS community-based services on our website here.