A Network of Services.
UMFS uses a Wraparound Philosophy based on the Circle of Courageā„¢ to offer a diversified network of formal and informal services to children and their families. Our goals are permanency and lifelong connections for every child.


We believe that all people have strengths and are able to form social bonds, solve problems, exercise self-control, and make a contribution to society. Recent research has shown that the growth needs identified by the Circle of Courageā„¢ are hard-wired into the human brain and essential for survival and well-being.


With the support of formal and informal services, children and their families develop resilience by satisfying the following needs:
    Belonging, thus building trust and safety;
    Mastery, thus recognizing talents and skills;
    Independence, thus promoting empowerment; and
    Generosity, thus instilling purpose and greater connection to humanity.


We provide services to children and families in their communities and we strive to develop lifelong connections for all children.

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